A year has passed since we answered Lexington’s invitation to attend a free no-obligation seminar on hearing loss.

Due to my employment I did have a serious hearing loss. “Papa could not take calls from his eight grandkids because he simply could not hear”. Surprisingly no one would tell me. Their solution to my problem was to increase the volume.

I learned a lot during the seminar, which for me included a full panel of hearing tests which confirmed my loss. I was shown hearing aid samples and selected one I was comfortable with. When they arrived I was shown how to use and care for them, all this mind you with no pressure to buy a particular brand.

Upon inserting the hearing aids I was in a new world. I could hear for the first time in years. What a joy.

Thank you so much for giving not only me but my family and friends a new person.


I have worn hearing aids for a number of years, bought and serviced at a number of local private establishments here in Westchester. About two years ago, I discovered Lexington Hearing and Speech Center on the Internet and have been an enthusiastic booster of the Hearing Center ever since.

I am writing to say that I have found the quality of care, expertise and courtesy at Lexington superior to any I had experience elsewhere. The hearing tests are more thorough and extensive than the cursory ones I received in the past. Programming of my hearing aids has been excellent, and recently, when my hearing aid insurance policy was nearing its end, your staff alerted me and sent them to the factory for a checkup. It is such thoughtfulness and attention to detail that makes Lexington special.

Although it is a long from Westchester to Jackson Heights, I find it well worth it.


This is to acknowledge the extraordinary service I received from the Director of Audiology, Mr. John Ioannou.

I came to him to be tested for new hearing aids. Hearing aids are my lifeline to my work. In all my adult life, I’ve been frustrated with the service I’ve gotten when it came time to purchase new hearing aids. But with Mr. Ioannou, I found his knowledge of the hearing aid products that work with my type of loss, and his ability to manipulate the software program to fit my complicated hearing loss, are nothing short of exemplary.

What I think is just as important is the quality of service I received. I was never rushed out of his office but rather, together, he and I examined what worked and what didn’t. He welcomed my input and offered solutions.

Since I am myself in the service industry, I know how important it is to have a satisfied customer. Not only am I satisfied, I’m so happy with my new hearing aids. They work so well for me that I can understand my clients with so much more ease. It makes my job easier.

Mr. Ioannou is someone I will refer without hesitation. In short, he is the best!


I have been a client at Lexington for more than 10 years and I would like to thank your entire staff for being so wonderful. Specifically I would like to mention Joanne Tzortzatos and John Ioannou, and the women who work at the intake window as being wonderful.  They are so upbeat and supportive that I enjoy my visits.  I’m 70 years old and my son calls me “a cranky man”.  The staff at Lexington keep me positive and in a good mood.


Ms. Tzortzatos is a remarkable employee and does an excellent job. She is a dedicated true professional. Ms. Tzortzatos is a diligent, knowledgeable employee who goes out of her way to ensure that customers are satisfied and reaching their full potential of hearing.


This note is long overdue. I have wanted to reach out and tell you what an outstanding job Joanne Tzortzatos has done. She has changed my father’s life with her advice and suggestions. Over the years she has always been professional, helpful and compassionate. She does rush but takes the time to listen and figure out what the issues are.

Her advice and adjustments have made a tremendous difference. I don’t have the words to adequately express our appreciation for all that she has done.


I am honored to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Joanne Tzortzatos, who was my daughter’s Audiologist, and the Clinical and Educational Audiologist at the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center in Queens, NY. Dr. Joanne Tzortzatos has demonstrated extraordinary compassion and empathy as a clinical, with a generosity and willingness to help her patients that I personally feel is not often seen in many healthcare practitioners that I have dealt with.


I have been a client of your Audiology Department for more than 10 years. I wanted you folks to know how grateful I am for all you have done for me. The Audiologist, Joanne Tzortzatos, AuD., has always displayed great knowledge and patience, and intelligence. After an extensive hearing test she explained to me what my hearing loss involved and what my hearing aid options were to maximize my hearing potential.

I love going to movies and now I can hear the dialogue!! I am eternally grateful.


It is a great pleasure to go to the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center and interact with John Ioannou and all the great people associated with the center. The Audiologist and Staff are patient and very accommodating and will not let you leave until you are completely satisfied. I truly recommend them, for I have dealt with other Audiologists and have never received the treatment I get at Lexington. Keep up the good work!


All too often people who do a great job go unnoticed. This is the precise reason I am writing to you today. I do not want the work of your audiologist, Joanne Tzortzatos, to go unnoticed. I want to express how my family and I appreciate Joanne’s dedication, hard work, and love for the children she serves. Both my son, Alexander, and daughter, Artemis, have been under her care for a while now. We first met Joanne (I believe in 2011) when we first discovered that my son has sensorineural hearing loss. From the very first visit, Joanne displayed so much compassion and empathy for what my husband and I were going through as we tried to accept our son’s loss of hearing. She was extremely understanding and sensitive to my son’s needs and our needs as a family. Joanne made us feel that everything would be okay and she instilled that in us. Her care and work ethic and love for the job she does are impeccable! She took Alexander under her care and helped us choose the best hearing aids for him.

Furthermore, just recently when the ENT doctor told us that our daughter displayed hearing loss as well, we contacted Joanne right away. Again, she comforted us with much love and care being that this was the second time we were going through this nightmare. However, through Joanne’s continued monitoring, she expressed to us that my daughter’s hearing was in fact improving!!!! We are overjoyed! Joanne’s careful and extensive monitoring of my daughter and son’s hearing is superior to anyone else we have encountered through the years. We have gone to LIJ’s Hearing and Speech Center, NYU Langone, and at least three private ENT doctors for second, third, fourth, fifth opinions. Joanne’s audiogram results, analysis, and recommendations for both children have always been the most reliable and on target. My family and I are most thankful for her dedication and for the loving care she has displayed to our son and daughter. We cannot tell you how fortunate you are to have Joanne as part of your team. She is truly a gem that you should cherish!!! Thank you for your attention.